Production Planning and Control Tools

Budget: Rs.5000

I am in need of PPC Module or Software. If you have any of this or something related to it, contact me.

ProgressPlus is a comprehensive production planning and control system, demonstrating outstanding functionality and exceptional ease of use. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of companies involved in batch, short-run or one-off production. It brings administrative and production processes together into one integrated, smooth-running system that puts you firmly in control.

ProgressPlus combines tried and tested processes and innovative design to support all areas of your business and maximise your effectiveness. You can find everything that you could possibly need to know about production planning on this page by selecting the relevant area from the summaries below.

Sales Orders
Works Orders
Purchase Orders
Job Costing
Time and Attendance
Inventory and Stock Control
Delivery Recording
Invoicing and Credit Notes
Quality Management
Shop floor/SFDC